Goldstone’s report

[The following was sent to the United Nations Human Rights Council which can be contacted here and an edited version was sent to President Barack Obama asking him to condemn the report when he speaks at the UN General Assembly next week.]

To whom it may concern:

I was deeply disturbed by the recent report headed by Richard Goldstone on the conflict between Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the State of Israel. The report is full of distortions, half-truths, and one-sided demonization of the State of Israel.  This was expected since the United Nations investigators decided to rely only on “evidence” Hamas allowed them to see and only interview “witnesses” Hamas allowed them to hear.  This is the methodology of a magician who tricks the audience into believing that he is conjuring a rabbit from out of a hat where no rabbit existed.  Like a magician’s act, the Goldstone report uses slight of hand to present an illusory view of reality for its audience while concealing relevant, vital facts  that shatter the illusion.  Just as diligence in evidence gathering undermines a magician’s act, slight of hand with the evidence undermines fact finding missions.

It is surprising to me that Goldstone and the others responsible for this report could make this elementary error in methodology.  If United Nations investigators were naive and uneducated in the Middle East conflict, I would have assumed that they were duped by Hamas propaganda.  I fear, however, that Goldstone and the others are not so simple minded and it pains me to believe that they may have published the report knowing full well of its one-sidedness.  Unsurprisingly, Israel has rejected the report and, as of this writing, the United States has expressed “serious concerns” about the report.  No good will come of it, but hopefully, the malice displayed in the report will not create ripples.



[For more on the report, read Alan Dershowitz’s blog]



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