To Michael Drake on Alleged Fundraising for Hamas

Dear Chancellor Drake:
I am sure you are flooded with correspondences about the anti-Semitic event organized on the campus of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) by the Muslim Student Union (MSU) titled “Israel: The Politics of Genocide” last May.  My primary purpose in writing to you is that a letter written by the Zionist Organization of America has come to my attention.  The letter alleges that the MSU may have raised funds for Hamas despite “specifically [affirming] in writing that [the event] was not going to be a fundraiser.” As you are probably aware, Hamas is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States government.  Raising funds for the group is a federal offense.  It is vital that a full investigation be conducted to see if funds raised at UCI reached the terrorist organization.  The toleration of anti-Semitism is a large enough blot on UCI’s reputation.  I hope that not one dollar raised at UCI helped to launch rockets targeted at civilian areas in Israel. 
Los Angeles, CA

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One Response to “To Michael Drake on Alleged Fundraising for Hamas”

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