The World Jewish Congress Responds

I just received this email from the World Jewish Congress in response to my email asking the organization to clarify its stance on J Street, the new left-wing Israel advocacy group in the United States:

Thank your for your email.

The World Jewish Congress – as the world-wide representative body of Jewish communities, large and small, in 92 countries – vigorously defends Israel’s right to exist as a democratic Jewish. As there is a wide range of opinion among our constituent communities concerning the the Middle East and the peace process, we try not to take a stand on issues that are controversial within the Jewish community. Every individual is certainly entitled to freely express his or her views, or to join advocacy groups such as J Street, and the WJC has always defended – and will always defend – freedom of expression.

Please note that Isi Leiber has not held a position with the World Jewish Congress since January 2005; and he does not make statements of behalf of the WJC.

Best regards,

Michael Thaidigsmann
World Jewish Congress

This satisfies me that Bradley Burston’s recent editorial in Ha’aretz was, at least in the case of the WJC, in vain.


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