A More Nuanced Look at Berman’s Resolution

Congressman Berman

Congressman Berman in his office.

[An edited version of the below was sent to Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA).]

Dear Congressman Berman:

I sent you a letter last week thanking you for submitting a non-binding Congressional resolution condemning the United Nations-sponsored Goldstone report, which unfairly and maliciously criticizes Israel for responding to Palestinian terrorism while neglecting to condemn Palestinian terrorism to the same degree.  Upon reading arguments by organizations like J Street and Americans for Peace Now, I think your bill may have been too wide-ranging.  I applaud the language in the bill condemning the “kangaroo court” aspect of the Goldstone report and also applaud the recommendations that the U.S. government not take the report seriously because of its enormous flaws and biases.  However, I think some of the language in the bill (specifically Paragraph 20) ought to be removed or edited so as not to give the impression that the House of Representatives is against an Israeli investigation into its own conduct during Operation Cast Lead.  Israel itself recently said that it would conduct such an investigation.

Thank you for your continued support,


Sherman Oaks, CA


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