To Newsweek Regarding Land for Peace


Kfar Adumim, a settlement close to the Green Line.

[UPDATE: Newsweek printed an edited version of this letter!]

[This email was sent to the Letters to the Editor for Newsweek.]

I thought the editorial by Amir Cheshin in your “My Turn” series (“I’ll Leave for Peace,” Oct. 31, 2009) was well written, subtle, and hopeful.  It is infinitely more thought provoking and honest than most editorials advocating peace between the State of Israel and the Palestinians.  Cheshin knows that settlements (especially settlements like Maale Adumim) are not barriers to peace, but are a kind of “speed bump” along the road towards peace that Israel will have to overcome once the Palestinans become serious about peace.  He also knows that part of the ideal of a two-state solution is that Israeli settlements would not be permitted in the future Palestinian state (whether Cheshin’s town of Maale Adumim is included in a future Palestinian state is subject to debate).  The Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005 is proof that Israel is willing to evict settlers if they think peace might be attained.  Cheshin has what I consider to be right attitude regarding the ideal of land for peace; he is cautious, but ultimately will not stand in the way of peace.


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