The UN Must Stay Vigilant and Condemn Hezbollah

[I sent this email to the United Nations General Assembly.]

I’ve been reading a lot in the civilian press about how Hezbollah has rearmed since the 2006 war it picked with Israel and that Hezbollah is actively preparing for another war.  It is widely known that Hezbollah is Iran’s proxies.  Iran is cynically using the Lebanon and the Lebanese people as pawns with which to distract Israel from Iran’s nuclear ambitions by giving them another potential war front.

UNIFIL has been doing a good job protecting the Lebanese border, but something tells me that it could do better.  The world cannot tolerate Hezbollah’s rearming and Lebanon cannot tolerate the “state within a state” Hezbollah has created, nor can it tolerate the level of danger in which Hezbollah places the Lebanon’s civilian population.  All levels of the United Nations leadership, including UNIFIL, must echo the Secretary-General’s recent condemnation of Hezbollah’s categorical failure to respect the rule of law or UN Resolution 1701.

[For more information, read this report by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy on how Iran is arming Hezbollah.]



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