The War on Couscous

[Contact the Palestine Solidarity Campaign here.]

To Palestine Solidarity Campaign:

Your call to boycott Israeli supermarket products does not seem very well thought out.  Not only will it not hurt the Israeli economy by any measurable degree, but it will also make Palestine Solidarity Campaign look extremely foolish.  Does Palestine Solidarity Campaign really believe that the manufacturers of boxes of couscous hold any sway over the Israeli government or military? Will a small loss in profits in Israel’s feta cheese industry make life in the Palestinian territories more bearable? I think not.  If you would like to show solidarity with the Palestinians, I would suggest thinking of ways of strengthening the Palestinian economy in measurable ways rather than diminishing the Israeli economy in unintelligible ways.

Sherman Oaks, CA


One Response to “The War on Couscous”

  1. A Victory in the War on Couscous « Letters From a Concerned Citizen Says:

    […] I just read that British Jews organized what they called a “buycott” to counter the Palestine Solidarity Campaign anti-Semitic boycott of Israeli products from British supermarkets.  The Jewish Telegraphic Agency quotes the local […]

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