J Street: Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace, Pro-Bickering

A guy, Daniel (no last name was given), of J Street responded to the letter I wrote asking J Street not to quibble with the Anti-Defamation League over minor things:

Thank you for the impassioned comments and offering of support for J Street’s views on [Sarah] Palin’s comments.  Yes, her comments were irresponsible and even bizarre.  To say that many Jews in the next days and months will move to Israel and the settlements ignores all the politics of the situation.  We do take issue with the idea that ADL and Abe Foxman’s  comments are of little concern. Please read our statement again. Foxman’s disregard for J Street is an attempt to squash debate over this topic that has been dominated by a monolithic lobby for too long. J Street aims to open up political space to discuss these issues, Foxman is attempting to close this space.

While Daniel might be right, I still say J Street should choose its battles more wisely.


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