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Ron Paul’s extreme views on foreign aid

October 19, 2011

[sent to Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)]

I read about the debate in which Mr. Paul has participated last night in Las Vegas and was surprised to read such statements from Mr. Paul as “I would cut all foreign aid.  … And I don’t think aid to Israel actually helps them.” The truth is that aid to Israel actually does help them and it actually does help the United States as well.  The ways in which U.S. aid to Israel helps both parties are too many to list in this short message, but seeing that Mr. Paul is so passionate about the American economy, I’d like to remind Mr. Paul that much of the U.S. aid to Israel is returned back to U.S. defense contractors.  I urge Mr. Paul to reconsider his extreme views against foreign aid in light of these facts.


Upon Gilad Shalit’s return home

October 18, 2011

[Sent to Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA)]

Dear Congressman Berman:

I read your message concerning Israeli Army Sergeant-Major Gilad Shalit’s return home after more than five years of captivity by Hamas.  Without getting into the specifics, your message presented an accurate picture of how your constituents, and indeed all believers in human rights, feel at this historic moment.  Thank you for taking this opportunity to use your position to bring light to this important topic.

North Hollywood, CA