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On the U.S.-Israel relationship

November 8, 2011

[sent to Robert D. Blackwill of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy]

I listened to your lecture on the U.S.-Israel relationship with great interest.  The way that you and your associate, Walter B. Slocombe, presented your arguments that the U.S.-Israel relationship is truly symbiotic were among the most clear-headed I’ve ever heard.  Furthermore, you gave a brilliant rebuttal to those who believe that the U.S.-Israel relationship is a liability for the United States by imagining how Saudi Arabia would react to a breakdown in the U.S.-Israel relationship and concluding that nothing substantial would be gained in the U.S.-Saudi relationship.  I commend you on your efforts and I look forward to your future publications and lectures.


Good News from UCI

October 16, 2009

It appears that the serious allegations that a recent event at UC Irvine might have been used to raise money for the Palestinian terrorist organization, Hamas, is being taken seriously.  According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, UC Irvine “has asked federal investigators to look into” the matter.  Hopefully they will find no evidence of wrongdoing, but if they do, let’s hope that those responsible for the transfer of funds to a group whose objective is the murder of civilians and the destabilization of a U.S. ally get prosecuted.

Update on Alleged Hamas Fundraising at UC Irvine

October 2, 2009

It appears that UC Irvine has responded to the Zionist Organization of America’s allegation that their event in May 2009, “Israel: The Politics of Genocide,” was used as a fundraiser for the Palestinian terror group, Hamas.  The letter by UCI’s Chief Campus Council can be read here.

To Michael Drake on Alleged Fundraising for Hamas

September 26, 2009
Dear Chancellor Drake:
I am sure you are flooded with correspondences about the anti-Semitic event organized on the campus of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) by the Muslim Student Union (MSU) titled “Israel: The Politics of Genocide” last May.  My primary purpose in writing to you is that a letter written by the Zionist Organization of America has come to my attention.  The letter alleges that the MSU may have raised funds for Hamas despite “specifically [affirming] in writing that [the event] was not going to be a fundraiser.” As you are probably aware, Hamas is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States government.  Raising funds for the group is a federal offense.  It is vital that a full investigation be conducted to see if funds raised at UCI reached the terrorist organization.  The toleration of anti-Semitism is a large enough blot on UCI’s reputation.  I hope that not one dollar raised at UCI helped to launch rockets targeted at civilian areas in Israel. 
Los Angeles, CA