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Anti-Semitism at a High School in California

November 20, 2009

[Sent to Alan Van Velzen, principal of Amador High School in Sutter Creek, CA.]

Dear Mr. Van Velzen:

Are you aware of the article in the Courthouse News Service about you and Amador High School?

The Courthouse News Service reports that a Jewish student at your school, the son of Molly Zysman, has been repeatedly verbally and physically abused and that school authorities have turned a blind eye at best and participated in the abuse at worst.  The article focuses on repeated allusions to the Holocaust such as a planned school play called Hitler Youth and a swastika painted on Zysman’s son’s locker.  The article also describes a moment when Zysman’s husband complained to you personally about the abuse directed at his son and to which you allegedly responded that you “can only take care of one of your son’s crises at a time.”

As I am sure you can imagine, articles like this do not look good for Ambrose High School or for yourself.  I did a Google search for “Alan Van Velzen” and found the Courthouse News Service article as the third page Google listed.  This can be remedied.

I noticed that Hitler Youth is not listed on Amador High School’s drama schedule website.  Is it possible that the Courthouse News Service article is inaccurate? Can you explain your alleged behavior during the time when Zysman’s husband complained to you? Is there more to this story than what was reported?

Thanks in advance,

Sherman Oaks, CA


A Victory in the War on Couscous

November 15, 2009

Sorry for posting this a few days after the event, but I’ve been a little busy lately.  I just read that British Jews organized what they called a “buycott” to counter the Palestine Solidarity Campaign anti-Semitic boycott of Israeli products from British supermarkets.  The Jewish Telegraphic Agency quotes the local Jewish press as saying the that the “buycott” seemed to have been more successful than the boycott.

The War on Couscous

November 9, 2009

[Contact the Palestine Solidarity Campaign here.]

To Palestine Solidarity Campaign:

Your call to boycott Israeli supermarket products does not seem very well thought out.  Not only will it not hurt the Israeli economy by any measurable degree, but it will also make Palestine Solidarity Campaign look extremely foolish.  Does Palestine Solidarity Campaign really believe that the manufacturers of boxes of couscous hold any sway over the Israeli government or military? Will a small loss in profits in Israel’s feta cheese industry make life in the Palestinian territories more bearable? I think not.  If you would like to show solidarity with the Palestinians, I would suggest thinking of ways of strengthening the Palestinian economy in measurable ways rather than diminishing the Israeli economy in unintelligible ways.

Sherman Oaks, CA

To Michael Drake on Alleged Fundraising for Hamas

September 26, 2009
Dear Chancellor Drake:
I am sure you are flooded with correspondences about the anti-Semitic event organized on the campus of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) by the Muslim Student Union (MSU) titled “Israel: The Politics of Genocide” last May.  My primary purpose in writing to you is that a letter written by the Zionist Organization of America has come to my attention.  The letter alleges that the MSU may have raised funds for Hamas despite “specifically [affirming] in writing that [the event] was not going to be a fundraiser.” As you are probably aware, Hamas is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States government.  Raising funds for the group is a federal offense.  It is vital that a full investigation be conducted to see if funds raised at UCI reached the terrorist organization.  The toleration of anti-Semitism is a large enough blot on UCI’s reputation.  I hope that not one dollar raised at UCI helped to launch rockets targeted at civilian areas in Israel. 
Los Angeles, CA