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Michael Moore on Israel

November 9, 2011

[sent to]

Dear Mr. Moore:

I have been a fan of your since my high school English teacher played for us a VHS of Roger & Me.  Since then, I have not seen a single film of yours that I did not love.  I have even read a couple of your books and enjoyed them very much.  Even when I disagree with you (which is rare), you are an interesting and entertaining voice.

For this reason, I was disturbed by your comments at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue regarding Israel and the Palestinians.  On that issue, you implied that you were in favor of the unilateral Palestinian movement to get the United Nations to recognize a Palestinian state, thus subverting U.S. policy of bringing about a Palestinian state through negotiating a just settlement of the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.  On this point, you not only diverge from U.S. policy, but also from the stated opinions of some Palestinians leaders and left-wing Israeli leaders that moves like this will not bring about peace in the region and will only serve to isolate Israel internationally.

I invite you to rethink your opinions on the Middle East.  I direct you to responsible, left-wing groups such as J Street, Americans for Peace Now, and the American Task Force on Palestine for groups that for you to research, and whose views you may find it useful to endorse.

Thank you.


J Street: Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace, Pro-Bickering

November 23, 2009

A guy, Daniel (no last name was given), of J Street responded to the letter I wrote asking J Street not to quibble with the Anti-Defamation League over minor things:

Thank you for the impassioned comments and offering of support for J Street’s views on [Sarah] Palin’s comments.  Yes, her comments were irresponsible and even bizarre.  To say that many Jews in the next days and months will move to Israel and the settlements ignores all the politics of the situation.  We do take issue with the idea that ADL and Abe Foxman’s  comments are of little concern. Please read our statement again. Foxman’s disregard for J Street is an attempt to squash debate over this topic that has been dominated by a monolithic lobby for too long. J Street aims to open up political space to discuss these issues, Foxman is attempting to close this space.

While Daniel might be right, I still say J Street should choose its battles more wisely.

To the ADL and J Street: Stop the Meaningless Bickering

November 21, 2009

I sent the following e-mail to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL):

Doesn’t the Anti-Defamation League have anything better to do than to criticize J Street’s reaction to Sarah Palin’s idiotic statement on the Israeli settlements in the West Bank? There is real anti-Semitism and racism in this country, including an increasingly publicized case in California of a high school that has allegedly turned a blind eye toward constant and unbearable anti-Semitic abuse against a Jewish student.  I did a search for that indecent on the ADL’s website and found absolutely nothing.  I did a search on “J Street” and found 119 results.  Unless J Street becomes guilty of bigotry on the same level as the other bigoted statements the ADL justly monitors, I suggest that the ADL leave J Street alone.  This bickering about who loves Israel more does not help Israel and it does not make the ADL look good.

I then sent the following to J Street:

As you are aware, there is a degree of suspicion in the pro-Israel community about whether J Street is a threat to the more established pro-Israel organizations such as the ADL.  I would hope that to avoid this suspicion, J Street would make critical statements concerning the ADL only if it was absolutely necessary.  I was sad, therefore, to read [director of J Street] Jeremy Ben-Ami’s open letter to Abe Foxman [director of the ADL] in response to his criticism of J Street’s stance on Sarah Palin’s idiotic views on Israeli settlements.  Foxman is not J Street’s only critic and if J Street responds to everything anyone says about it, I fear that the organization may become irrelevant.  Furthermore, the Israeli settlements are an important issue, but Sarah Palin’s crazy views are not! I cannot understand how two important Jewish organizations are fighting over something so trivial! This endless bickering about who loves Israel more does not help Israel and it does not make the J Street look good.  I wrote an email to the ADL expressing similar views.

A More Nuanced Look at Berman’s Resolution

November 1, 2009
Congressman Berman

Congressman Berman in his office.

[An edited version of the below was sent to Congressman Howard Berman (D-CA).]

Dear Congressman Berman:

I sent you a letter last week thanking you for submitting a non-binding Congressional resolution condemning the United Nations-sponsored Goldstone report, which unfairly and maliciously criticizes Israel for responding to Palestinian terrorism while neglecting to condemn Palestinian terrorism to the same degree.  Upon reading arguments by organizations like J Street and Americans for Peace Now, I think your bill may have been too wide-ranging.  I applaud the language in the bill condemning the “kangaroo court” aspect of the Goldstone report and also applaud the recommendations that the U.S. government not take the report seriously because of its enormous flaws and biases.  However, I think some of the language in the bill (specifically Paragraph 20) ought to be removed or edited so as not to give the impression that the House of Representatives is against an Israeli investigation into its own conduct during Operation Cast Lead.  Israel itself recently said that it would conduct such an investigation.

Thank you for your continued support,


Sherman Oaks, CA