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President Barack Obama’s Rosh Hashanah 2012 greeting

September 13, 2012

[sent to the White House]

Dear President Obama:

I am a Jewish American and I’d like to thank you for your Rosh Hashanah greeting. It was a very gracious gesture. Your message of reconciliation is especially important and echoes some of the most important ideals in the Jewish tradition and in the American tradition. I especially appreciate your continued commitment to “the unbreakable bond” our country shares with the State of Israel.

UPDATE: It took a little less than a month, but Obama wrote me back a boilerplate thank you letter with some reminders about the achievements he made in his first term.


Investigation of Maj. Hasan

November 14, 2009

[The following was sent to President Barack Obama via the White House contact page.]

Dear President Obama:

I’m writing to express support for the way you are handling the Fort Hood massacre committed by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.  On the one hand, the United States military must be vigilant about Islamic terrorism, but on the other hand, the United States cannot afford to give the impression that it is against Islam or its own Muslim citizens.  The rhetoric in the media in response to the Fort Hood massacre has too often called on non-Muslim Americans to be suspicious of of their Muslim compatriots.  Tragically, this rhetoric sometimes spills over into hate speech and calls to violence against Muslim Americans.

Therefore, President Obama, I support your call for an investigation of the indecent, of Maj. Hasan’s prior history, and of any negligence by the U.S. army or intelligence.  I am also grateful that you are not fanning the flames of the religious issue either by condemning Islamic terror on American soil nor by apologizing for it by saying something to the effect of “Hasan doesn’t speak for all of Islam.” I hope the investigation is successful and that the government learns how it can prevent a tragedy of this magnitude in the future.



Sherman Oaks, CA

Obama Cancelled Planned GA Speech

November 7, 2009

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama had to cancel the speech he was going to make to the United Jewish Communities General Assembly this week.  He will be occupied that day at the memorial for the victims of the Fort Worth, Texas massacre, which occurred earlier this week.  The Jerusalem Post quoted an announcement made by the Jewish Federation of North America saying that “White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will address the GA on behalf of the Obama Administration.”

Jewish World Watch Urges People to Thank Obama

November 2, 2009

I just got an email from Jewish World Watch asking people to submit this form letter to President Barack Obama for his role in mitigating the current genocide in Sudan:

“My name is ______________, and I’m writing to thank President Obama for releasing the Sudan policy review. I am pleased to see a well-balanced approach of both incentives and pressures. I urge President Obama to get directly involved in the implementation of this policy to ensure that the full range of incentives and pressures are used to achieve a just and viable peace in Sudan, and to lead an international coalition in that effort.”

I sent the form letter to the President through his contact website.  I urge my readers to do the same.  JWW also has information about how to contact your senator to urge them to sponsor the Congo Conflict Minerals Act of 2009 (S. 891), which insures that trade with Congo does not lead to more violence in the region.